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Higher Score = Healthier Choice!

The TNT score uses medical evidence to consider everything from a food's nutrients to the portion size, all to give you the TRUTH about health in one simple number.  TNT helps you decide what type of sandwich is healthier or which smoothie you should drink. Just pick the higher TNT score for a healthier choice!

Learn more about the TNT Formula. Read about the Scientific Rationale for the TNT Formula. Stroll through examples of Sample TNT Scores at the Food 4 Thought Café.

Who Wins?

Test your knowledge of some sample Food 4 Thought Café items
and view results on our Who Wins page.

Egg, Spinach, RR Pepper
Egg white, Tomato, Swiss
Maple Walnut Cookie
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Julius Caesar Salad
Kneeland Street Salad
Vegetable Soup

Our Brochure

Our brochure "Healthy Eating Made Simple for a Lifetime" is an easy-to-read summary describing how to make healthy decisions and eat the foods with the highest TNT scores.